Fitness Program For Women – 42 Reasons to Keep Exercising

Fitness Clubs Are One Way – MAX10 Boot Camp is Levels Above

Fitness Clubs Seattle Aren't The Answer - MAX10 Is!For most of us, once exercise is a habit, we feel stiff, sore, tired, lethargic, etc. when we DON’T exercise.  Although that may be motivation enough, here are 42 other reasons to KEEP EXERCISING:

• Increased Self-Esteem
• Increase Mental Focus
• Decreased Risk of a Heart Attack
• Decreased Risk of Osteoporosis
• Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer (in women) by up to 60%
• Increased Strength and Stamina
• Reduced Depression
• Decreased Stress Levels
• Improved digestion
• Enhances quality of sleep
• Adds a sparkle and radiance to complexion
• Tones and firms muscles
• Enables weight loss and keeps it off
• Makes you limber
• Improves endurance
• Burns extra calories
• Improves circulation and helps reduce blood pressure
• Increases lean muscle tissue in the body
• Improves appetite for healthy foods
• Alleviates menstrual cramps
• Increases metabolic rate
• Enhances coordination and balance
• Improves posture
• Eases and possibly eliminates back problems and pain
• Makes the body use calories more efficiently
• Lowers resting heart rate
• Improves body composition
• Makes body more agile
• Reduces joint discomfort
• Improves athletic performance
• Enriches sexuality
• May add a few years to life
• Increases your range of motion
• Enhances immune system
• Enables the body to utilize energy more efficiently
• Increases enzymes in the body which burn fat
• Enhances oxygen transport throughout the body
• Improves liver functioning
• Increases speed of muscle contraction and reaction time
• Enhances feedback through the nervous system
• Strengthens the heart
• Helps to alleviate varicose veins

Are you kidding me???  Exercise is the next best thing to ____________! (you fill in the blank)

The MAX10 Fitness and Boot Camp is a program like no other.  It is so fun you won’t even know you’re exercising.  For more information on alternatives to fitness clubs Seattle visit or call us to schedule your FREE Consultation, FREE Fitness Evaluation and FREE training session at 206-457-2101.

Boot Camp Classes in Seattle – MAX10 Fitness Kickboxing Bootcamp

Boot Camp Classes in Seattle

The Best Shape of Your Life with MAX Fitness

Boot Camp Classes in Seattle | 206-457-2101Working out isn’t always easy to start or stick with. If it were everyone would be in the best shape possible at any age. For those who have given up on their last workout, it doesn’t mean you have to throw in the towel.

Or you may be one of those people who would like to finally start to get in shape but just don’t know how. It doesn’t matter what your age or current fitness level is. In fact it doesn’t matter if you have never worked out before in your life. What does matter is your willingness to try something new, get kicked into high gear and make major changes that can last a lifetime.

Boot Camp Classes in Seattle

Why is this class becoming the premier fitness boot camp in Seattle? Once you try it the answer will be obvious. But if you have never given it a try, you should at least understand a few things:

  • Our MAX Fitness classroom environment includes personal training. That’s right you get the best of both worlds. Work out in a group setting while getting the individual attention and care you need for ultimate results.
  • Dive into fitness boot camp. If you have any experience with a boot camp workout class then you know you are in for a challenging treat. However even the elements of our boot camp class is unique from other studios. Find out how the combo of styles and moves we include make this the best fitness boot camp in Seattle, if not the country.
  • Get into some serious MMA moves. We aren’t just talking kickboxing here, although you’ll get plenty of that as well. Learn true mixed martial arts techniques from real MMA trained instructors. This isn’t some similar style based on a cardio routine – this is the real deal here.
  • Take a new step in the right direction with our TRX training infusion. TRX is a high intensity strength training approach that uses a harnessed strap, your own body weight and gravity to transform fat into muscle. Developed by an ex-Navy SEAL, this is sure to help you build up the lean muscle you crave.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is the MAX Fitness boot camp classes are like nothing else you have ever experienced. This really is the approach people are taking to start seeing changes and changing lives. If you want to be the biggest winner and lose weight, gain muscle and transform your body completely then MAX Fitness is right for you.

Don’t take a gamble by settling for less than the best when it comes to your fitness and health. Anyone can offer exercise classes but this is a way to truly get the most from your fitness workout. Forget anything you experienced working out at the gym before or even other fitness classes you took before.

With our MAX Fitness class your commitment is the first step. From there we give you the tools you need to finally get in the best shape of your life.

If you are interested in learning more about our fitness boot camps or other programs we offer, you can call us at 1-206-457-2101, or visit our website at You can also drop in and talk to some of our fitness instructors about which program would be best for you.

Personal Training in Seattle in a Boot Camp Setting

Personal Training in Seattle Just got Real with MAX Fitness

Personal training is one of the most important aspects of getting a good workout. Many people who are new to working out or who are not seeing the results they want get their best results from teaming up with a trainer. Of course personal training in seattle is usually one of those aspects you sacrifice when you get into a class setting.

Personal Training in Seattle in a Group Setting

Personal Training in Seattle in a GROUP SettingThat’s not the case with our MAX Fitness Boot camp workout. One of the reasons this class has become so popular is the personal training we include in our classes. Get that custom one on one time with a personal trainer you need all while in a classroom atmosphere.

So what are the benefits to having a personal trainer? 

  • Learn proper form and technique – Most classes are fast paced and you could be learning something all wrong. Not only will this not get you results you want, it could also cause more harm than good. Having someone to correct you or guide you towards better form is invaluable.
  • Give you a push – it isn’t always possible to dig down and find that last ounce of motivation to get through an intense workout like fitness boot camp. A good personal trainer is there to push you farther than even you believed was possible. This helps you eliminate where you once thought your limits were.
  • Customize your workout – Getting into a class environment can be difficult because not everyone is on the same level. So some people don’t feel challenged enough while others can’t seem to keep pace with the others. Having individual attention from a personal trainer means even a classroom environment can accommodate each individual student.
  • Safety – All of our goals for training students include safety as a top priority. Sometimes in a class setting though if a student is unaware of how to do something he or she may not be able to ask. Performing your workout is not something you want to guess at since this could lead to temporary or even permanent injuries. Having a professional personal trainer to ask or who can point out if you are putting your safety in jeopardy is a great benefit to have.
  • Keeping it fun, refreshing, new and exciting – We pride ourselves on making each class new and interesting, regardless of what style it is. Our instructors and personal trainers work hard to plan out the MAX Fitness boot camp classes so that you are not doing the same routine each time and getting bored with it. You get to learn something new and have fun doing it. Too many classes are built upon memorizing a routine. This can get stale. Not only that but your muscles also learn to cheat if they do the same thing each routine. So this makes your routine ineffective over time.

The best way to understand just how real a personal trainer can make your MAX Fitness class is to give it a try. Your body, mind and life will never be the same.

If you are interested in learning more about our fitness boot camps or other programs we offer, you can call us at 1-206-457-2101, or visit our website at You can also drop in and talk to some of our fitness instructors about which program would be best for you.