Fitness Program For Women – 42 Reasons to Keep Exercising

Fitness Clubs Are One Way – MAX10 Boot Camp is Levels Above

Fitness Clubs Seattle Aren't The Answer - MAX10 Is!For most of us, once exercise is a habit, we feel stiff, sore, tired, lethargic, etc. when we DON’T exercise.  Although that may be motivation enough, here are 42 other reasons to KEEP EXERCISING:

• Increased Self-Esteem
• Increase Mental Focus
• Decreased Risk of a Heart Attack
• Decreased Risk of Osteoporosis
• Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer (in women) by up to 60%
• Increased Strength and Stamina
• Reduced Depression
• Decreased Stress Levels
• Improved digestion
• Enhances quality of sleep
• Adds a sparkle and radiance to complexion
• Tones and firms muscles
• Enables weight loss and keeps it off
• Makes you limber
• Improves endurance
• Burns extra calories
• Improves circulation and helps reduce blood pressure
• Increases lean muscle tissue in the body
• Improves appetite for healthy foods
• Alleviates menstrual cramps
• Increases metabolic rate
• Enhances coordination and balance
• Improves posture
• Eases and possibly eliminates back problems and pain
• Makes the body use calories more efficiently
• Lowers resting heart rate
• Improves body composition
• Makes body more agile
• Reduces joint discomfort
• Improves athletic performance
• Enriches sexuality
• May add a few years to life
• Increases your range of motion
• Enhances immune system
• Enables the body to utilize energy more efficiently
• Increases enzymes in the body which burn fat
• Enhances oxygen transport throughout the body
• Improves liver functioning
• Increases speed of muscle contraction and reaction time
• Enhances feedback through the nervous system
• Strengthens the heart
• Helps to alleviate varicose veins

Are you kidding me???  Exercise is the next best thing to ____________! (you fill in the blank)

The MAX10 Fitness and Boot Camp is a program like no other.  It is so fun you won’t even know you’re exercising.  For more information on alternatives to fitness clubs Seattle visit or call us to schedule your FREE Consultation, FREE Fitness Evaluation and FREE training session at 206-457-2101.